"Blackbird Flyers"  acrylic on wood"The Naughty Cat"  acrylic on wood"Garden Cat"  acrylic on wood "Hedgehog Hotel"  acrylic on wood"Huevos Rancheros"  acrylic on wood"Rhinoceros Retreat"  acrylic on wood"Tortoise and the Hare"  acrylic on wood"Three Bears Inn"  acrylic on wood"Thin Moon Inn"  acrylic on wood"Tangled Snake Tavern"  acrylic on wood"Grande Peanuts"  acrylic on woods"Cat in the Coneflowers"  acrylic on wood,x
This is a selection of paintings I exhibited and sold at various art festivals throughtout the the Midwest. They are a combination of folk art, old pub sign, and children's illustration. With it's hard surface and natural texture, I have always enjoyed painting on wood. Some of these pieces are even painted on wood gathered from various old structures at my family's old farm in Indiana.